Be prepared.

Hey, I’m Olumayowa

I help individuals, businesses and governments anticipate the future.

Here's My Short Information.

If you can not influence the future, be prepared for it.

Olumayowa is a futurist and the Managing Director of African Liberty, Founding Partner at the War Room Associates and the West Africa Policy Fellow at South Africa’s top political and economic think-tank, the Institute of Race Relations. He serves as Director of International Programs at the world’s largest youth movement for human freedom – Students For Liberty.

His views on politics, economics and human freedom have been translated into 16 languages including French, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Khmer and Vietnamese. He was listed on the 2016 YNaija PowerList as one of the most influential young Nigerians under 40 and nominated for the 2016 Future Awards Africa in Advocacy.

Olumayowa was educated at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and completed a Masters degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies at the University of Ibadan. He is an alumnus of the Atlas Think Tank MBA and the Bloomberg executive training in Financial Journalism. He also holds a professional certification in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston.



Students For Liberty

Students For Liberty is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world. Our mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty. We are the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world. At SFL, I oversee our really cool programs in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

War Room Associates

WRA, similar to a command centre, is a source for leadership and guidance for long-range anticipation, using scenario planning procedures, foresight models and in-depth research, WRA helps its clients anticipate plausible futures by monitoring the environment and reacting to events, from the relatively harmless to major crisis, using predefined procedures.

African Liberty

Our vision at is to bring African voices for liberty to the wider world and work with African media to disseminate policy ideas for a new century of peace, freedom, and prosperity.


Established in 1929 the South African Institute of Race Relations is a research and policy organisation. The Institute is one of the oldest liberal institutions in Africa. The IRR fights for your right to make decisions about your life, family, and business. free from unnecessary government, political, and bureaucratic interference.



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